Different Breast Cosmetic Procedures Performed at Dr. Fedele Clinic

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Let’s face it, a lot of women want to change the size of their breasts and that is for varied reasons. Some women would want to increase the size of their breast because they have a congenital breast defect or they simply want to do so. You may even find it quite incredible that some women with already bigger breast size would want to reduce the same. In all these cases, breast cosmetic procedure is certainly in order. So what exactly are the different types of breast cosmetic procedures? If you are looking for the solution to your problem, then you can take a look at these different procedures that may answer your needs.

  1. Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most performed breast cosmetic procedures not only in the United States, but even in Europe and some parts of Asia. This procedure is commonly used for balancing breast size, compensating reduced breast size due to pregnancy, and correcting congenital breast defect. There are different types of incision techniques used for this procedure. For example, Dr. Fedele Clinic performs all three types of incision techniques which includes Transaxillary (in the armpit), Inframammary (under the breast, and Periareolar (around the areola). You can check out www.drfedele.com for more information on each incision techniques.

  1. Breast Lift

Mastopexy or breast lift is a surgical procedure performed to enhance sagging breasts. As women age, breasts tend to sag and lose their fullness. With this, breast lift is your best option if you want to bring back the fullness of your breasts as well as to give it a more youthful appearance. Some cases with significant sagging may also consider undergoing breast augmentation to go with breast lift for optimal result.

  1. Breast Reduction

As the name suggests, this type of procedure involves reducing the size of the breast. A lot of women with larger breast often complains about having shoulder, neck and back pain as well as having skin irritation especially under the breast fold. With this, breast reduction should be in place. Pretty much like the first two procedures, breast reduction is also performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient. Breast reduction is generally less risky than breast augmentation and breast reduction. Nevertheless, it is still important for you to understand the entire procedure before heading on with it.

  1. Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is usually performed after a breast removal in order to give your breast a natural appearance. It may or it may not be a good idea. What will determine if you are suitable for this is your medical history and your surgeon will tell you whether you are fit or not. For example, Dr. Fedele Clinic offers prior consultation for patients to make an educated decision.

In all these breast cosmetic procedures, it is of utmost importance for you to employ the services of a reliable and professional surgeon. Do not be tempted to go under the knife for a very cheap price as this may compromise your health and safety. Whatever breast cosmetic procedure you need, it is also important to have a prior consultation from your surgeon.

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Beleza Plastic Surgery

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If you’re looking for the most reliable abdominoplasty surgeon in Pennsylvania, check out this link: beleza-plasticsurgery.com/ procedures/tummy-tuck Abdominoplasty in simple explanation is the process of making one’s abdomen firm and flat. We cringe when we hear the word fat. The connotation of the word is not related to it being a kind of nutrient which in controlled amount the benefits from. It is more than just an oily substance accumulating in our body. It is a word used to describe a person who has layers of it, someone who is obese. It has negative psychological effects to a person being referred to. Even decades back, people have been very conscious of their physical appearance. They are very particular with the colors of their skin, the blemishes they have, the weight of their body, and overall, their youthful appearance. Almost everybody, if not all, wants to discover the fountain of youth to achieve everlasting beauty. These are the very reasons why people hate excess fats on their body. People are obsessed with the concept of beauty.

Having layers of fats instead of packs of muscles in the abdominal area simply does not equate to the definition of beauty. Having soft and wobbly stomach does not reflect an image of a perfect body. In order for people to get rid of these layers of fats, there are several ways available for them to try. From the classic workout routines and less eating to the modern surgical procedure, certainly, there are plenty of answers to this dilemma. Some people who have reached a certain level of obesity on which diet and exercise could not change, the modern abdominoplasty procedure is the way to go. Abdominoplasty is also called tummy tuck to describe in simple terms the process the patient goes through under this procedure. On the other hand, it does not only remove fats in the abdominal area, it also takes care of the skin covering it. If it has aged and deteriorate due to the lapse of time or because of pregnancy as an example, a tummy tuck could also make the skin become firmer. Currently, there are several cosmetic and health professionals in the country that are specializing in abdominoplasty. The procedure is widely available in several states. However, in Pennsylvania, particularly in Pittsburgh, there is one doctor whose name has gain popularity because of the positive feedbacks of the clients the doctor has handled. This surgeon is no other than Dr. Anna Wooten. Dr. Anna Wooten possesses five years of training in general surgery added by two years of training in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

For about ten years now, Dr. Wooten has been performing surgeries as a profession under her own clinic. It is without a doubt that her training and experience makes her one of the best surgeons. Always remember; when it comes to making your tummy flat and toned, this is the place highly recommended for you: Beleza Plastic Surgery: Plastic Surgery Pittsburgh, PA – Dr. Anna Wooten.


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How To Treat Snoring

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Snoring has become a very spread condition, a problem that affects both the health of those dealing with it, as well as their relationships. When you snore so loudly that your partner has to sleep in another bedroom so that they can get some sleep, it is obvious that something needs to be done fast. Before you choose your snoring treatment, direct your attention towards the causes that have led to your snoring problem. This will help you better understand the condition and it will guide you towards the right treatment. So, here is the list of causes that lead to snoring.

  • Weight gain- if you have gained weight in the last few months, this is one of the reasons why you now snore.
  • Age- typically, as you age, you have increased chances to snore. This is because the throat and nasal passages become narrower and narrower as years go by and this causes snoring.
  • Sleep position- if you only sleep on your back, then this is one of the causes of your loud snoring. When you sleep on your back, the tongue slips in the back of the mouth. As this happens, the throat passage becomes more obstructed than usual and this causes snoring.
  • Sinus issues
  • Nasal issues

So, what can be done in order to treat snoring with efficiency? Of course that a lifestyle change that includes lots of exercises will help you lose weight, which can eliminate one of the snoring causes and thus, the snoring itself. Regarding all the other causes, you can only try to sleep on the side and use a humidifier in order to maintain your throat as wet as possible. However, when the situation is extremely serious, the only thing you can do is to opt for a snoring device. Have you ever heard, for example, of ZQuiet? ZQuiet is a mandibular advancement device that is especially designed by dentists specialized in sleep medicine to keep your jaw fixed. When the jaw is fixed, it doesn’t allow the uvula and the soft palate to vibrate. Since the uvula and the soft palate don’t vibrate, then snoring will disappear.

Of course that sleeping with a device in your mouth will feel quite uncomfortable for a few nights but when you use ZQuiet, this discomfort will disappear. You will get used to it and since it is made of a material that resembles a soft rubber and since it is based on the Living Hinge Technology, which allows you to naturally move your mouth in spite of the device, you will soon not even feel it anymore. We strongly advise you to access Stop Snoring Resources, as this is a website where you will find out everything about the pros and the cons of using ZQuiet, find out how it works and why specialists recommend it as such an excellent choice when it comes to snoring treatments. If you snore so loudly that this is already causing relationship issues and severe health problems, then what stands between you and ZQuiet? Try it now, as it will help you more than you can imagine.

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LED Grow Lights: Maximizing the Growth of Cannabis

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To maximize the growth of your cannabis plant, you must supply it with everything it needs. And for indoor growing, the light is very vital. Fortunately, lighting technology has evolved over time and it has become as efficient as ever. This time, LED lights are in use and sometimes employed as a combination of other types of grow lights. LED light has gained popularity these days because it has a handful of benefits. Among these are the reduction of energy consumption, increased space, efficiency and great quality.

Traditional lights and their flaws

There are actually 2 types of traditional lightings used by indoor growers. On the plant’s vegetative stage, they use metal halide bulb which comes with blue light spectrum. At the flowering phase, HPS bulb was often employed. This light produces a red spectrum which induces flowering. However, these methods of lighting have several drawbacks. Because they produce too much heat, they pose the danger of burning the plants to death. Hence, proper ventilation has to be observed. The effectiveness of their light is also lost speedily, hence plants struggle to get the amount of light that they need. However, all these issues were resolved when LED lights were introduced to the market.

Light Options

    1. CFL Lights – If the grow room’s height is limited; this can be your best pick. If you have a limited budget, stealth is essential.
    2. MH / HPS Lighting – Only works well if space is .5-2 meters high.
    3. LED Lights – This is a modern alternative to traditional lights. This is used by growers who are willing to invest more time to look for new alternatives, have the budget to do the initial installation and aim for better quality and potency of one’s crops and considers this an essential goal.

Advantages of LED Grow Lights

  • Easy to set up

LED lights are already with us for a half century now. However, it was just perfected recently, making it ideal for indoor growing. With the newly LED light setups, you no longer need to change bulbs or use fans since it wouldn’t require any ventilation.

  • Needs less energy

LED lights only consume around 60%-90% less energy compared to CFL bulbs and HPS. Just make sure you choose a LED lighting that can produce the plant’s needed light spectrum and can perfectly penetrate the canopy.

  • Produce more potent crops

The trichomes which LED lights produce turns out to be beneficial to the plant since it makes them more potent.

  • Last long

LED lights have a very long life span. In fact, it can operate 10 times longer than that of HPS lights.  And when used together with HPS lights, it creates an effect that offers you the best of both worlds- high potency and high yields,

  • Cost effective

Though you may need to initially invest a substantial amount, the fact that it will last for almost a decade of use will make the light pay for itself over time. And because LED light’s prices are slowly decreasing, time will come that it will be more affordable.

To know more about LED grow lights check out 420 Pro Guide – Best LED grow lights reviews.

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VigRx Plus for Real Results

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It is indeed hard to give up on anything we want most. Hence, after trying more than 50 male enhancements and realizing that they are complete garbage, you still find yourself looking for the perfect solution for your size problem. For in this world, opposites are real. Meaning, if there are fake products, there are also authentic ones! And that is what you need to look for.

Your past experiences on male enhancement products affect how you would accept similar merchandises sold in the market these days. Hence, it is not surprising if you are skeptical upon hearing about VigRx Plus. But why don’t you try this product instead? After all, it’s the only way for you know if it works as claimed. Check out VigRx Plus Reviews and Results (July 2017)- Men’s Review Zone to know more about it.

What to expect

Ask VigRx Plus users how they find the product and they will surely tell you the same thing- that the effect is apparent even after the first couple of doses taken. The size may not have grown overnight but the erection will surely grow stronger and your sexual desire will rise through the roof!

What it is

VigRx Plus is a natural product, formulated to enhance vigor and sexual stamina among men. It will increase your sexual appetite as well. This is already out in the market since 2001 and more than 500,000 men are using this to date. Its effective results are due to the perfect combination of its ingredients which are as follows:

  • Gingko Biloba
  • Damiana Extract
  • Epimedium
  • Saw Palmetto Berry
  • Asian Red Ginseng
  • Catuaba Bark Extract
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Muira Puama
  • Bioperine

Note: All these ingredients passed meticulous scientific research and guaranteed to improve vigor and overall sexual health.

Why makes it different from other brands?

  • Highly recommended by doctors

Do you know that VigRx Plus was endorsed personally by Dr. Steven Lamm at ABC’s “The View”.

  • Has undergone clinical studies and research

Unlike many of its counterparts, VigRx Plus was studied by experts in a leading research lab.

  • Ironclad Guarantee

Perhaps you are feed up with the ads promising a money back guarantee but you will never really get your money back. However, things are different with VigRx Plus. In fact, you can return the product even after more than a month of use and you will still get your money back without any issues.

  • Flooded with real testimonies from real users

As you go through VigRx reviews, you will see raw testimonies from its users written by hand and handed voluntarily.  These people are just happy with their life now and they wanted to share the same feelings to you.

One research done on VigRx Plus was conducted by Life Vedic Sciences where $500,000 was spent for the study to be conducted and these are the results:

  • The ability to penetrate is significantly improved.
  • Orgasms become more frequent and intense.
  • The ability to maintain and do erection is improved.
  • Increased sexual gratification.

Final Words

VigRx Plus is indeed very effective. But be aware that its counterfeits are also circulating in the market. So check the “authenticity code” which is found on the front label of the product. These are series of numbers which you can refer on VigRx Plus’ website to ensure you are getting its authentic or original version.


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Everything you Need to Know about Vitamonk

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There are many different supplement companies on the market, which can make it difficult to determine which one that you should choose to purchase your products from. This review of Vitamonk will provide you with information about the company, how their order process works, the types of supplements that are offered, and whether or not you should consider them for your supplement needs.

What is Vitamonk?

If you have been searching for a quality company to purchase supplements from, chances are you have come across Vitamonk. Vitamonk has been producing a number of supplements that are getting lots of attention.

According to the company website, Vitamonk is dedicated to helping people achieve their optimal health. They provide supplements that contain the highest quality ingredients and that are proven to help the human mind and body.

The company goes on to state that they combine the newest scientific research with strategies that have been tested over time by top performers in order to provide consumers with the best possible supplements.

Vitamonk states their company mission as helping people go beyond their physical and mental limits to reach a new level of health and performance.

What Products Does Vitamonk Offer?

When you are searching for a new supplement company, chances are you want to see if a company has anything new to offer. More often than not, many supplement companies tend to offer the same products over and over again.

However, with Vitamonk you will find that there are several different products available that are not really found anywhere else. This includes supplements like Cinnatrax (a ceylon cinnamom supplement, cissus quadrangularis, ActiGrape (a grape seed extract supplement), Alpha GPC and other products.

Currently, Vitamonk offers around 20 or so different items in their product line. As mentioned, the company is rather new, so it can be expected that Vitamonk will be adding more products to their line up in the future.


When it comes to prices, Vitamonk is very competitive. All of the supplements are priced at under $35, which makes purchasing products from the company extremely reasonable and affordable.

Purchasing products from Vitamonk is very simple as you just add the items to your cart and then proceed to checkout. The best part is that when you order your supplements from Vitamonk you can expect to receive them very quickly.


Vitamonk is a relatively young company, but they offer an excellent selection of products that people can try. If you are looking for a high-quality company with excellent prices and fast shipping then you should definitely check Vitamonk out.

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Getting to Know Dr. Dana Coberly

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Plastic surgeons are doctors who specialize in making people look more beautiful and handsome, as well as younger. They are also the ones who correct malformations or physical defects in the body like cleft chins, palates, and lips. They also help those who have been injured, burnt, and scarred. Thus, they also focus on putting back or reconstructing the looks of individuals who have physical problems. They have actually been around for decades performing skin grafts, tumor removals, and more. At the present time, their jobs have become more sophisticated because of the introduction of modern equipment or tools that help make their jobs easier and more efficient.


People who will be undergoing cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery should always make sure that they know the qualifications of their surgeon. They should understand that plastic surgeons, like any other doctors, are required to have a license or a certification. They should also make sure that the surgeon whom they are hiring is competent enough. Such can be done by checking the reviews given by their previous and ongoing clients. It should be noted that there have already been cases wherein plastic surgeons have failed to fulfill their duties. With the help of the internet, potential clients can already search what people are telling about them. Thus, they can make the right choice.


A popular and highly recommended Tampa Plastic Surgeon is Dr. Dana Coberly. She is a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Another great thing about her is that she is also committed to improving her skills and developing her knowledge. Such is evident by the different awards she had received, as well as the different researches and presentations she have led. In addition, she also has several years of experience which she combines with the modern techniques. Through such, she is able to produce quality results.


Dr. Dana Coberly specializes in providing cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery. Meaning, she loves to make women look more beautiful and feel more confident about themselves. Her cosmetic surgery procedures are actually divided into three categories namely body contouring, breast surgery, and facial procedures. Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures done under the body contouring category. It is a procedure wherein excess fat in any part of the body is safely removed through suction. Others include lower body lift, cool sculpting, tummy tuck, and arm lift.


Under breast surgery, the popular one is, of course, breast augmentation. It is a procedure wherein the breast size is increased and the breast shape is improved. The good thing about her is that she makes the patient choose whether she wants to use a saline-filled implant or a silicone gel implant. Likewise, both are also discussed well to the patient. Other procedures include breast lifting, reconstruction, and reduction. People who want to improve their facial feature can choose from her face lift, nose reshaping, eye reshaping, brow lifting, and eyelid surgery services.

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