Joining the Vaping Bandwagon

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Because of the known effects of smoking and the different studies that affirm that cigarette smoking is bad for your health, more and more people are striving to stop this deadly habit. There are people who have the willpower to just stop. There are people who need candies or even therapies from their favorite psychologist just to free them from addiction. There are even who undergo hypnosis just to provide them the strength to go through the withdrawal symptoms that is related to cigarette smoking. But there are still who found a better replacement with the use of artificial vaporizers.


According to users, vaporizers have the capability of mimicking the feeling and satisfaction that a cigarette provides them. There are even some that attest that vaping also gives them the comfort of relaxation when they are doing it. Little do they know that it is not the tobacco, cigar or the cigarette that relaxes them, but the actual deep inhalation and exhalation action that they are actually doing when smoking. But there are devices that are used for vaping that have nicotine contents as well. So shifting to vaping as a way to replace smoking but using nicotine as its component is a stupid idea if you are actually trying to quit smoking. If you are using vaping as an alternate route or a stepping stone to free yourself from tobacco smoking, avail of other flavors that are free from nicotine so that your purpose will be achieved. In due time, you will no longer crave the taste of nicotine smoke in your system.


But this article does not imply that vaping is actually safe. Like cigarette smoking, when it became a fad during the 1950s, people back then believe that it is safe since no reports yet arrived at the authorities about its ill effects. There are even cigarette companies that promote the smoking as good to their lungs because it cleanses and burns the impurities that are accumulated in the lungs. Not until a decade later when reports of different ailments such as coughing, vomiting, nausea, and throat and mouth inflammations, where already observed. Later on, they discovered that smoking is the main culprit in lung cancer patients.


The point here is that, like how cigarettes were during its early days, vapes could be the same as well. Since it is new, there is no study yet that can point out about its ill effects. There can be persons who attest now that he is completely healthy with its use, but no one can tell if it is really safe or not.

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