NZT 48: Is This Real?

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For those who do not have the chance to watch Limitless, it may help to tell you something briefly about the movie. The story revolves around the life Eddie Mora (actor Bradley Cooper) whose life sucks as a writer. He would rather spend time drinking alcohol instead of start writing his book. However, life took the other way around when he took the magic pill; NZT 48. With this medication, he became linguistic, scored high on the stock market and literally changed totally for the better. And all these happened because of the drug since when he stopped taking the medication, he crashed.

The movie opened the mind of a lot of people who left wondering if there is any real AZT pill in the market these days. Pharmaceutical companies on the other hand took advantage of NZT’s reputation by creating a cognitive enhancement drug. And they call this drug “Nootropics”. A lot of these pills are marketed with the same effects with that of NZT. And many people are given hope of dominating life just like Bradley Cooper.


It is not surprising why NZT got hold of the public’s attention and interest. After all, everybody wants to enjoy maximum results out of little effort exerted, right? This also explains why a lot of people get into lottery.


Your next question might be; where to buy NZT 48 pill. The thing is; this is only a fiction and only exists in Limitless movie. Even surfing online won’t lead you into finding the drug. It’s just like Harry Potter’s “cold glass of butter beer” or “Every Flavour Beans of Bertie Bott. NZT is just a fantasy drug and so are the unbelievable results that go along with it. However, a lot of pharmaceutical companies are finding ways to come up with smart drugs like NZT. Among these are Provigil and Modafinil. These medications are given to those who experience narcolepsy. Modafinil is specifically regarded as a smart drug since it has some of the results that NZT has. These drugs are called “Nootropics”. Some of their effects include improved concentration, enhance alertness and improve cognitive functions. However, note that this drug does not turn you something that you are not. And they will only enhance what is already there. Since it helps you focus on what to do, you get to do more that you usually do. Hence, you need not expect too much from it.